We’ve been serving municipalities for more than 40 years, and we understand the unique challenges you face when selecting group benefits for your employees.

Currently, we administer employee benefit programs for nearly 1,400 state, local and district-level government bodies throughout the country.

The following features have been designed specifically for municipalities and their employees. They are included in our standard products and services at no additional cost.

It’s our way of thanking you for the important work you and your employees do.

Critical Incident Counseling Services

Police and fire departments, along with public works employees, have a higher rate of accidental, on-the-job deaths than many commercial employees.

In addition to the standard grief counseling benefits offered to beneficiaries through Beneficiary Resource Services™*, we also provide a Critical Incident counseling service for our municipality life insurance customers with 50 or more employees.

This service is available to all employees and provides an onsite counselor for up to two days if a municipality employee suffers an on-the-job, accidental death.

Additional Accidental Death Benefits

For groups whose life insurance includes Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage, we provide additional Accidental Death Benefits specifically designed to bring more financial security to police and firefighters.

  • In the Line of Duty Benefit: provides an additional accidental death benefit to the beneficiary of a public safety officer if killed in an accident while on the job
  • Felonious Assault Benefit: pays an additional benefit if death occurs due to a robbery, hold up, kidnapping while attempting a holdup or any other felonious assault

Benefits for Union Contracts and Elected/Appointed Officials

Many municipalities have a wide range of employees, including union members, non-union employees and elected officials. We offer the flexibility to design benefit plans to meet the specific needs of each type of employee.


*Beneficiary Resource Services is only available for qualifying groups.

Beneficiary Resource Services is provided by Morneau Shepell. The Dearborn Group brand companies do not provide any part of Beneficiary Resource Services. Legal services will not be provided for court proceedings or for the preparation of briefs for legal appearances or actions or for any action against any party providing Beneficiary Resource Services. Legal services provided under Beneficiary Resource Services are not intended for adversarial matters. Neither Morneau Shepell nor the Dearborn Group brand companies are responsible or liable for care or advice rendered by any referral resources. This page is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of the services described. Not available in WA.