As part of your employer's benefits package, Dearborn Group provides you and your family access to the College Assistance Plan (CAP), an online resource dedicated to helping people plan for, pay for and reduce the cost of college.

To access the CAP portal, you need a special password from your employer. If you did not receive your CAP password, please contact your employer.

The CAP portal includes:

  • College Planning Roadmaps – Access roadmaps and checklists that outline what high school students should be doing and when in order to prepare for college
  • Pricing Calculators – Calculate the average cost a student pays to attend an institution for a single academic year after factoring in scholarships and grants.
  • Financial Tips & Info – Develop a financial plan and avoid costly mistakes by learning about financial aid, scholarships, and grants.
  • Negotiation Toolkit – Learn about how private colleges can give additional grants and scholarships, what to ask for, and how to ask.
  • College Search Function – Find the right colleges to apply to by planning, researching, and putting together a strategy.
  • College Selectivity Info – Learn about how selective colleges can be and how it can help you save money.


The College Assistance Plan is offered by CAP ADVISORY SERVICES, INC. This program and/or any part of this service is not provided or insured by Dearborn Group. This webpage is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. Availability may vary by group location and size.